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Yoon Gray, otherwise known as Don Gray, is the CEO of House of Gray.  She is the patriarch of the Gray Family. 

Her artist handle is GraySlate, and her producer name is AssBackwards-P.

Gray has amassed a staggering amount of UTAUs, and currently manages nearly 30.  She also dabbles in Vocaloid on occasion.

Gray has many characters and worlds that she hopes to be able to share with others.  Most of her time, however, is spent obsessing over the Yakuza game series - more specifically, Goro Majima.  Gray has a reputation for having several Yakuza jinrikis, but the less said about that in open foyers, the better.

GraySlate works on many projects at once - arguably too many - but her pride and joy are her videos and her ongoing GrayLore comic series.

Don Gray is described best as being the soul of a 70-year-old horny grandpa in the body of a 24-year old woman.  Her only tenets seem to be DILFS, tits, and gore.  This curmudgeon personality serves to alienate her audience most of the time.

Gray is employed full time in an office, though she ocassionally does custom commissions.

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UTAUs Made by GraySlate

Miyuki Masara

Hanae Masara

Seiji Masara

Souma Kagyakune

Katsuo Tobidene

Hinaya Nurune

Susumu Abe


Jamie Ueda

Hareff Linohai

Paris Carlisle

Nevio Vecoli

Ichiko Honda

Müll (WIP)

Tenkan (WIP)


Mieko Masara

Hayate Nori Masara

Yuina Harune

Masago Miura (Vikura)


Bolly Joel


Junior Wendelken (WIP)

Lewis Wendelken

Casper King (WIP)

Ichirou Honda

Adrien Piano

Daryl "Murica" Jones FREEDOM


Jinrikis Made by GraySlate

Majimaloid (Goro Majima)

Kiryuloid (Kazuma Kiryu)

Saejimaloid (Taiga Saejima)

Nishitaniloid (Homare Nishitani)

Akiyamaloid (Shun Akiyama)

Harukaloid (Haruka Sawamura)




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