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This is the general contact form.  If you are requesting covers, please use the designated request form.

If you need to contact me for any reason, you may do so here, or from the other methods of contact listed below:

  • Discord - AssBackwardsPyongyang#1119 (Best method of communication for me)

  • Deviantart - GraySlate (Noting me is best for direct questions, as the notification can come through on my phone as well.  Mentioning my name in the format of :iconGraySlate: for covers/art/originals you’ve done is encouraged, as I’ll favorite and shout you out for it.)

  • Twitter - @VibrantSaki (DMs best for direct contact, mentioning my @ for covers/art/originals you’ve done is encouraged.  I can retweet your work on there as well!)

  • Reddit - u/MamaZephy (DMs and mentioning me, same as others)

Contact Me

Thanks for reaching out!

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