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Terms of Use

The below terms of use apply to all of the UTAUs I have made and managed, and only for the ones that are active.

Absolutely Prohibited

  • Libel/slander with this UTAU (i.e. making false claims or accusations)

  • Hate speech with this UTAU (content which incites violence or hatred)

  • Modifying and/or redistributing their wav files

  • Re-purposing this UTAU's recordings for another UTAU/character

  • Modifying and/or redistributing their oto (If there's an issue with ANY of my UTAUs otos, please message me first and I will fix it and update all their links.)

  • Derivative characters/voicebanks

  • Repacking, porting, or otherwise using the samples of this voicebank on another vocal synthesizer program, i.e. DeepVocal.

  • Using the character’s art or design in a way that infringes on my copyright, i.e. claiming the art as your own, claiming the character is yours, making slight adjustments and claiming the character is your original character, etc.

Permission Required

  • Making doujins with this UTAU or any of my UTAUs

  • Commercial use of this UTAU of any kind (i.e. monetizing songs made with the VB, uploading songs to Bandcamp or other distribution sites, commercializing art or products with the character image)

Other Encouraged Actions

  • Linking covers/originals you’ve made with this UTAU to GraySlate

  • Linking art of this UTAU you’ve made to GraySlate

Permission not required/allowed completely

  • R-18 (pornographic) content, so long as correct content warnings are used

  • Certain religious, “taboo” or other “controversial” content that doesn’t go against the libel, slander, and hate speech prohibition, i.e. songs such as Wash My Blood.

  • Violence/gore, so long as correct content warnings are used

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