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Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  What name(s) do you use?

A.  Friends and compatriots call me Yoon.  GraySlate is my artist handle and AssBackwards-P is my producer tag.

Q.  How old are you?

A.  24.

Q.  Are you male or female?

A.  I'm a sigma.

Q.  What vocalsynth programs do you use?

A.  UTAU, Vocaloid, SynthV, and DECTalk.  I am also recently experienced with Diff-SVC, SOVITS-SVC, and RVC.

Q.  How many UTAUs do you have?


A.  Right now, the count is at 28.  There will be more.

Q.  Which UTAUs are yours?

A.  You can find out which ones are mine under my about and on the links page.  Any other UTAUs I don't list aren't mine and shouldn't be attributed to me (except the Yakuza jinrikis, those are mine).  I don't know why I've had a problem with UTAUs that aren't mine being credited to me before but I'd like it to stop.

Q.  Which Vocaloids do you own?

A.  I've collected a lot of Vocaloids over the years, so name it, I probably have it, but I only keep a few installed at a time.  The ones I like the most are Big Al, Yohioloid, Otomachi Una, vflower, Maika, Tonio, Oliver, Fukase, Sweet Ann, and Gakupo.

Q.  What programs do you use for UTAU development?

A.  I use OREMO for recording, clean up my files in Dark Audacity, SetParam for laying base otos and then finishing the oto in UTAU itself.  I've dabbled some in OpenUTAU but don't ask me questions about this because I'm not very experienced with it.

Q.  What programs do you use for music?

A.  I do most of my mixing and music production in FL Studio 21.  I've also used LMMS extensively for both mixing and composing.  Ableton Live 10 is also something I've used.  I've only used REAPER for recording some of my live instruments so I can't testify to anything else there.

Q.  What programs do you use to draw?

A.  I use Clip Studio Paint EX on desktop and Ibis Paint X on my tablet.

Q.  What equipment do you use for drawing?

A.  I have an XP-Pen Deco Fun Large tablet.  I used to use a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium for several years before it died.  I also have a Samsung Android tablet.

Q.  What programs do you use for video editing?

A.  I used to use VideoPad when I first started.  I used Premiere Pro for several years but I now use DaVinci Resolve 18.  Some videos are made using ZGame Editor effects in FL Studio.  I don't use After Effects because no computer I've ever owned has been able to run it.

Q.  What is GrayGlish?

A.  GrayGlish is my customized English reclist that is free for anyone to make banks on.  Personal modifications are allowed and I may add suggestions posed to me in future iterations, but for the most part, modified GrayGlish lists are for personal use and not wider distribution.  GrayGlish is what all my English banks use.  All information about it is collated on this page.

Q.  Did you make all those Yakuza jinrikis?

A.   Yeah, that was me.

Q.  What Yakuza jinrikis do you have?

A.  Majimaloid, Kiryuloid, Akiyamaloid, Nishitaniloid, Saejimaloid, and Harukaloid.

Q.  Will there be more Yakuza jinrikis made?

A.  Probably not!  They are not fun to make and I have other legitimate projects that need my attention.  It's very likely those few will be the only ones I'll ever have.  I can't tell you what I'll think in the future but that's what I think now.

Q.  Can I have (insert jinriki)?

A.  I do not publicly distribute any of my jinrikis, as this would be a major breach of UTAU's terms of use.  I don't think it's ethical, personally.  If you want a specific jinriki, you'll have to make it yourself.

Q.  Can I request a jinriki/UTAU cover of ____?

A.  If you're requesting covers, please use the request form, and specify what song you are requesting, who you want singing it, and give me the links to a UST/VSQx and instrumental.  Requests are usually done on a first-come, first-serve basis.  It may take me a while to get to yours, but I tend to go in order of the queue.  If there is no existing (and especially if there is no good) instrumental, I will try to split audio myself but I do not guarantee results.  Also, I will not fulfill any more jinriki creation requests, I do not have the time to do this.  Be sure to read my do's and don'ts.

Q.  What is the status of requests right now?

A.  Requests are open.

Q.  Are commissions open?

A.  Right now, yes.  This may change in the future, as I may have to open limited slots, but most of the time, they're open.

Q.  Where can I go to request a commission?

A.  I have a contact page right here on the site, but I also have this detailed writeup.  You can also request commissions on Ko-Fi, which have a bit more options in terms of budget.  I also am able to be approached on Artistree.  I implore you to read my Terms of Service before commissioning me.  Contact me here or on my other social media if you'd like to commission me.


Q.  Do you draw NSFW?

A.  Yes sir.

Q.  Do you have merch?

A.  Some, here.  I'm hoping to add more in the future.  I also have an Etsy.

Q.  What all are you on?

A.  I have a links page with everything I'm on.

Q.  What do you do for work?

A.  I have a full time job in an office.  Maybe someday I'll be in a position I can create content as my full time job but that's a long ways off.


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